VideoJump is a video content service provider serving educational, instructional, and how-to video producers.

Video content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Documentaries for general public viewing
  • Presentations for professional or trade conferences
  • Instructional videos for educational institutions
  • Children's programming

We help content owners to digitize, reformat, repurpose, caption, subtitle, translate, and distribute their videos. Working with video producers, VideoJump strives to meet technical requirements at competitive prices. Our services facilitate fast and secure delivery of contents to the Internet and the TV broadcasting industry.

We specialize in the following needs.

  • Full U.S. copyright law compliance and international copyright protection
  • Quality transcription, translation, and captioning to reach the digital community at large
  • Captioning to realize script-based video searching
  • Secured video storage and transmission
  • Working with major web sites or TV operators to distribute videos

VideoJump serves the following clients:

  • TV broadcasters
  • Video producers and studios
  • Commercial Internet video sites
  • Universities and community colleges
  • Trade and professional associations

By combining leading edge:

  • Frame-accurate time codes for Standard Definition and High Definition captions
  • Detailed transcript to enable more accurate video searches on-line
  • Versatile video formating to meet various web and broadcasting standards

VideoJump delivers quality digital videos to web sites for access by mobile phones and fixed digital devices. This includes the following.

  • Negotiate the acquisition of video content and the legalities of "right to webcast" issues
  • Insure that content quality meets and in most cases exceeds industry standards
  • Facilitate content and advertisement insertions for web site operators

In summary, VideoJump helps clients rapidly expand their viewer audience.



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